Summary Edit

The Happy Tree Friends go to war with the Care Bears;Kylo Ren has a strange new roommate;discover the dark past of Ned Flanders in I Know What You Diddly Did Last Summer;Stitch accidentally drinks alcohol and goes apeshit

Skits Edit

  1. The Real Meaning of Covfefe
  2. Pikachu Dies
  3. Night of the Living Teletubbies
  4. Rapping Sloth
  5. Evil Monkeys from Mars
  6. Pac-Man Pukes
  7. Battle of Happy Tree Land
  8. Dragon vs. Gorilla
  9. Jar-Jar's Rant
  10. I Know What You Diddly Did Last Summer
  11. Finding Emo
  12. Running With Scissors
  13. Duck With a Gun
  14. Kylo Ren and Stimpy
  15. Lilo and Bitch